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About Us

Freund UK is a leading supplier of equipment to the Meat and food industry, Freund UK offers our customers in the UK and Ireland a range of products to meet the demands of the modern abattoir and food industry.

As well as offering the complete range of FREUND slaughter and breaking tools FREUND UK supply’s a wide range of other products including Barrosso Clipping and Tying machines, the Universal Clip range that fits all makes and models of clipping units, Hennessy Grading Probes, Hocker hygiene and stainless equipment range as well as the FREUND/Endeavour Trimming Knife Range.

‘FREUND UK offers customers an excellent range of high quality German slaughter and breaking tools as well as maintaining its existing excellent customer service through its Sales Office and Service Centre in Dorset. The  FREUND Sales and Service Centres in the UK benefit existing FREUND customers as well as offer a high quality alternative for abattoirs and processing facilities in the UK and Ireland’…Ashley Fox Managing Director (FREUND UK).

FREUND, established in Paderborn, Germany for over a 100 Years has developed a world-class range of slaughter tools specifically designed and developed to meet the demands of the modern abattoir. FREUND products range from the latest up-to-date (EU Humane Slaughter Law Compliant) Electric Stunners, Hydraulic Slaughter tools, Splitting & Breaking Saws, Cutting Shears, Vacuum Systems, Circular Breaking Knifes and FREUND/Endeavour Series 2 Trimmers.

Robert Freund (Director FREUND Germany and UK) says… ‘In 2009 we acquired the Brighter-Endeavour Trimming-Knife-range and further developed it with the actual series2 standard to a very well accepted tool in the slaughter & meat cutting trade. As a logical step we needed to intensify and improve our business base in both UK and Ireland. We are happy that we have established Freund UK as an ideal set up to serve both our existing and new customers in a highly professional way for our German quality slaughter-tools.’

Richard Gliddon (Technical Director FREUND UK) adds… ‘From our new purpose built service centre on the Ferndown Industrial Estate in Dorset, FREUND UK can now offer a fast ‘turn around’ in spares and repairs. All of our engineers have been expertly trained in the repair and servicing of FREUND Equipment in addition to the existing trimming, clipping and grading equipment.  This enables FREUND UK to establish itself as a predominant equipment supplier to the meat and food industry in the UK and Ireland’.

Freund UK prides itself on excellent customer service and quality with a product range of over 4,000 different items we are able to supply equipment to meet the many requirements of the meat and food industry. We always work with our customers to offer the best value together with exceptional quality and fairness.